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Subject: kitfisto gets lost
my name is kit kitfisto i am 10 years old and i am an orphan.One day i was goin to hunt for food when a travler came and taught me some bad and good magic.He took me in when i met him i became a strong mage,I was strong i took down 25 people and then a 19 year old came to my place.His name was PschoyDad.we had a show down and i fought with brave wonderful skills. Kitfisto:You wont win!!!! PschyoDadf course i will i was trained by the best.We fought to the death Ipreformed a deadly move.It would kill him only to kill me when the spell is dun.He stabs me and says:I will win!!Then my Dad the travler came and killed him with magic but it also took me we were both lost in battle

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Time Posted: March 25 2009 11:24 am EDT
Last updated: July 31 2009 04:29 pm EDT

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