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killer reaper
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Subject: story one killers rampage
out from the darkest place in strifes heart came into two beings his dark half called himself killer reaper and his light was just started to notice that he was foming a dark army and hurting his close ones .cloud could not stand to see rinoa get hurt so he fought killer in his domain."Ha!you think you can beat me alone with out the others!"killer said as he drew two blades the buster blade old verstion and the dark buster blade coverd in shadows."heh,you just dont get it do you?they may not be with me but there in my heart..i've lernt that now and its time you go back where you belong.back with sepiroth!"then the two clash toghter with the tree blades."ha give up cloud i have both youre strenght and sepiroths!and i know every move youre about to make so just give in already!"said reaper "NEVER!"reaper started to use sepiroths octa slash but cloud contered with omni slash but didnt do much to reaper!reaper threw his buster blade in the air then threw his dark buster blade towards cloud and looks for reaper but then reaper with both blade pops up from the ground and slashed cloud ten thousand time."ha i call that my octa omni slash both youres and sepiroths moves."but cloud barly rose to his feet and started to glow "heh heh heh"you just dont get it do you reaper!your never going to when as long as i have her!then cloud spouted golden angel wings and mega omni slash killers butt big time!"ahhhhh!!"killer yelled in pain " you that gennises is"killer fell dead.disapered and cloud regain controll of himself once more.

Time Posted: February 17 2009 10:04 am EST
Last updated: December 26 2009 08:04 am EST


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