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Subject: The rise and fall of a doggie
Once upon a time long long ago a small tiny scared pup wandered into the dark world of fierce warriors.

Scared and afraid he slow walked along watching into every direction, afraid to encounter terrible monster he had heard about.

As the day went by he was still wandering deeper and deeper into the dark black forrest, his poor little tummy growling from hunger , his eyes little wet from the tears as he missed his family as they where mudered by evil forced hidding in this dark dark world.

Sudden a huge fierce looking dragon came flying from the skies, quickly but unsuccesfull the little pup tried to find a place to hide , his little tail between is legs he ducked under a fallen tree stump.

His little paws shacking from he fear he felt inside as the dragon came closer and closer, he could smell the awefull breath comming from the mouth of tis huge creature.
Step by step the dragon came closer and the little pup did his best to hide fully under the fallen tree, effortless as the mighty dragon beast noticed him.

When the dragon was just only a few feet away, the little pup sudden heard a voice saying : Don't be afraid i wont harm you, you must be lost , come out and tell me what ur doing here all alone .

So the pup came out still afraid and cautious and told his story aboput his murdered parents and his pledge to take revenge too all evil creatures in this world.

After the dragon had listen to the whole story he took the little pup to his home, nursing him , training him and guiding him in becomming a warrior.

Years and years went by and the pup grew bigger and stronger into a mighty Dog.
He knew no fear anymore and became even stronger in his personal quest too take revenge. Being with his new dragon family made him feel secure and proud and he pledged loyalty for life, and although he still was a dog, and could not fly, all dragons gave him the title of honorary dragon.

As his training ended he was given an full set of special armor, razor sharp titanium teeth and and diamond spiked collar to help him in all his battles. His eyes would light up dark glowing red at night as he was also rewarded with the dragon spirit so he always would heal no matter how bad his injuries gotten in any upcomming battles.

Finally on the age of 7 hsi was ready to leave the dragon nest and starting to follow his own path.
Many enemies he encountered found their end in battle and quickly the rumor was spread that there was a terrible hound from hell wandering the forrests.

Althought he wandered around he not killed all he met, he found new friends who admired him or gave new tips and clues to reach his goal, thoose friends where cherished is his strong pumping heart forever, and all friends always could call upon this mighty dog when it was needed.

Soon the time arrived he was one of the strongest in the forrest, feared by many, challenged by even more but he never walked out on any battle, his wealth has grown too inmens proportions

At his peak he finally had the change to take his revenge he met the ones responsible for his tragic past and he killed them all, no duck was spared as the where the core of pure evil.

Altho he finally had his revenge , he felt not happy, he felt even more alone then he ever was.
Yes he found a home within the dragon layer but he missed a place for him self, in all the kingdoms he fault all the castles he had seen or destroyed he missed a place for him the most

Forrest after forrest he chewed down to build his dog hosue castle higher and bigger then any other castle in the forrest, walls on 50 meters thick of solid oak trees.
Years went by as the mighty dog kept building and building until some day it was all finished.

Dog became old now his castle was done, his hair turned grey in all thoose years, his body wore the scars of the many battle he fought. Yes the dog got old
During the building he saw many good figthers who he called friend die which made him feel more lonely then ever.

Memorizing in his dog castle he longed for a mate , an family of its own. He not looked into the fast changing world around him, he no longer cared for new battles .
He new goal was to help the new lost souls that wandered into the forrest, like himself so many era's ago.
He became their tutor, and shared his wisdom with them, gave them guidance and even shared his huge wealth he gather with them , so they could fullfill some of their dreams.

Eventho it gave him a good feeling to help the youngster that came to him he still missed the running of small paws in his dog castle .
Now more then ever, as he felt his end closing in he wanted a mate to share and start a family with.

All over the forrest he started to look for the right one , everywhere he came he only found the happy couples or taken ones. Depression came into his heart and he was about to give up and accept his end would come being alone.

Sudden a cute dragon came buzzing by a dragon, he never seen before, he only knew his own dragon family and all its members.
Could it be that there was a new dragon family somewhere in the forrest. His hopes grew again and gave him new strength to continue . All over he went weeks after weeks he followed the trail this mysterious cute dragon left behind.

Then finally after months he found an unknow part of the forrest he never been too before and he saw that cute dragon again. Bold as he was he walked up to the dragon king and queen of the new found family and ask the hand in marriage for the cute dragon he saw.

Luckely the king and queen accepted his proposal and threw a big wedding party that lasted days and night.
Fianlly the mighty dog was no longer alone and soon after the marriage small paws could be heard running through his dog castle.

Happy and satisfied the mighty dog watched his offspring growing strong and he tought them the same way he was thought some many years ago, he learned his pups to respect all creatures, but to kill without hestitation to all that where into evil.

But as all living things even the mighty dog knew he could not be around forever, as he also felt his energy getting weaker and weaker.
He knew his end was comming fast now and it sadden him he had to leave his own family behind very soon.

Writting his last will was a huge burden as he had to let all good friends pass by and select the ones that trully deserve to be writtin inside of it, knowing thoose selected few would honour his will too death and also would respect the last wishes he was writting down.

The mighty anonymouse would become the treasure keeper, so he knew hs family would never had any problems when they where in need.

Danbarker was given the honorable task to take care of the funeral procedures and guadian of the grave, making sure no one ever would disrespect or disturb the last resting place of the mighty dog.

Knowing his family would be in good hands and trusting his last wishes to the few selected he comforted his family not to grieve over him too long but to be proud to be a true dragon in heart and soul.

As he went to bed for the final and last time he felt at peace and happy as he knew he done it right and it was good this way, his life was fullfilling and good

With his last breath leaving his old battered body he howled one last time into the night and with that he passed awway and crossed over to the heavenly kingdom.

Never forgotten always remembered or as he said :

No fear the Dog is here

Time Posted: February 14 2009 10:09 pm EST
Last updated: January 23 2010 04:28 pm EST


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