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Subject: Role Play Rules
(as previously posted by Darggie)
When you Role Play, you cannot say something about someone else's character without consulting them first.

Example I can't say "SilenceAlliance came storming out of the tavern after losing a bet" Even though he probably did, HE might not have.

If you get someones view of something that happened in a past event, make sure you contact anyone that is included in that past event to see if they agree.

Dark Warriors is a land based around Medieval times.
Magic, swords, bows and more is abundant here.

(no things like cars, guns, colleges *rolls eyes at Sarabi*)
While no colleges, they might have been academies of magic. OR monasteries for those learning the lore.

Time and place rule: you cant intrude on something in say..a bedroom or cabin in the woods've a good reason to be nearby..or its loud enough to attract attention are mind touched or sensitive enough to one of the players to feel something calling you to show up.

You also cant have the most powerful has to be earned..the name i use here..has a very long past to her.but i still wouldn't use it all unless its against someone with equal abilities.

You cannot role play official characters that have been copy-righted. I don't know them all so if someone seems someone doing this, report it to me.
(more to come, must confer with a few role playing buddies first)

Do not engage in actual sexual activity through words. You can lead up to it if you don't have to sexual of foreplay. But just like... "skip" over the sexual stuff by post something a few hours later. Everyone will know what happened but we don't want it adult rated.

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