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Subject: Game Rules

Thank you for joining Dark Warriors!

Dark Warriors is a multi player online role-play game (MPORPG). While the game play primarily takes place in one land (Westland) at the current time, there has been some discussion of opening more areas to explore in the future. This game is currently BETA and under development, so be prepared for changes in game play, new additions/deletions and tweaks to existing areas of the game.

Multiple Accounts:

Only one account is allowed per player. It is against game rules to create multiple accounts to better your main character. If you have more than one account, that is termed as a multi account. If you do have more than one account, your main character will be placed in jail, and your multies will be deleted. Any gains made through the multi account(s) will be removed from the main character. If the offender continues to make more accounts after the main account has been jailed, the new accounts will also be terminated and there is a possibility of being banned from the game completely.

If more than one person plays from the same IP, i.e., you play from school or you have relatives that play from your home, this is allowed but you will be asked to provide proof that these accounts are not multies of one player. There will be no transactions allowed between any of the accounts played under the same IP.


The intentional spamming or flooding of the forums, chat rooms, or other communication venues will result in 1.) A fine or ban for lesser violations, or 2.) In extreme cases the account will be placed in jail for a minimum of 5-days.

Player harassment:

Player harassment is a difficult area for anyone on the Internet to keep under wraps, as all people have different levels of acceptance. The Admins and/or staff of Dark Warriors (DW) will determine whether or not a particular situation is to be deemed as harassment. Please note: If you contact a staff member in regards to harassment by another player, be prepared to show proof of the harassment. Staff will not accept complaints made that say. So and so called me a bad word!! Put him in jail!! Without proof of the actual harassment, a copy of the mail sent, etc. there isnt much staff can do to help you.

The occasional insult from another player will not be considered as harassment, unless that insult contains excessive profanity, sexually explicit language, or racial slurs. In that situation, a warning will be sent, and if the player the warning was sent to continues to harass the other player or players involved, then the offender will be given a jail term suitable to the infraction.

In Dark warriors we ask that you respect fellow players and game staff by not sending slanderous/overly offensive mail. Failure to comply with this rule can and will result in being jailed.

Public harassment will not be allowed. If you have a gripe with a fellow player, please take it to a private venue. If the persons involved cannot straighten out the situation privately, then contact an admin or game staff to help mediate the situation. There is no reason for public harassment of a fellow player or players, and if you do so, it will result in a 10-day jail term.

Staff harassment/slander :

Game "Staff" includes: Helpers, Staff, Administrators, High Council members , and of course Game Developers

Any complaints made against staff will be presented in a clear, courteous manner, bereft of profanity. Slanderous/personal attacks/profane communications against staff members in public forums will not be tolerated, and will result in the offending remarks removed, and a 10-day jail sentence for the offender.

Scripts/Continual Connections:

Programs designed to automate actions or continually collect information on the game are not permitted. Any piece of software; be it a custom-made "script" or a simple "refresher" that continually targets a section of the game without human interaction or regard to the content displayed is verboten. In short, every click sent to the game servers must come from a live person, not an automated system. Anyone found using such a system will be jailed for minimum of 60-days, and any game assets suspected of coming from the use of the script will be removed.

Unauthorized access of another account/account sharing/ownership:

You cannot share an account with another person. You may NOT "baby-sit" someone's account, and you may not use another person's account as your own for a prolonged period of time. This rule is primarily in place to deal with situations where two people claim ownership over a single account.

Game bug abuse:

Depending on the severity, game bug abuse will result in anywhere from a 30-day jail term to the possibility of the offending account being deleted. Bugs, loopholes, security flaws, or any inconsistencies in the game should be immediately reported on the forums in the bugs and errors board. If the bug is something that can be construed as a game exploit, it should be reported directly to a game Owner, or an Admin, and not posted on the forums.

Community Failure:

Any activity that undermines the game community, presents a general nuisance to the community, or breaks the spirit of any game law is forbidden. There is no set punishment for these actions, and it is up to the discretion of game staff to determine the penalty, dependent on the severity of the infraction.


The account owner is responsible for their account at all times. This means if your friends, family members, or your dog logs into your account and causes trouble, you will be held responsible. Keep your username and password secure.

Repeat offenders:

Harsher punishments/deletions may occur for repeat offenders.

Loss of items due to unauthorized access "hacking":

Lost items will only be returned to players or clans, provided the items are traceable.

Bad trades "ripping" clan staff selling:

Unless the failure is a result of a confirmed programming error, items lost by players to bad trades will not always be returned. Buyers beware.

Third Party Trading

Trading through other players for the end result of completing illegal trades is also illegal and usually the punishments are more severe because of the implied nefariousness of the actions.

Lost accounts due to unauthorized access "hacking":

Accounts will be returned to the proper owner provided they are able to confirm their identity and ownership of the account in question. No refund of game items or money will occur. Players who continually "lose" their account will stop having it returned.

Player placed images:

Images containing nudity follow the US laws on public nudity. Topless males are allowed while topless females are not. Bottomless nudity is never allowed. Nudity laws do not apply to works of art, subject to general consensus on what is art. In general there are little restrictions on image content, provided that offensive images are not placed where people who don't want to see them don't have to (i.e. Signatures).

Player-Staff interaction:

Both players and staff are expected to coexist in a polite and respectful environment. This applies to both professional situations and instances where staff is acting in the capacity of a player, and not an administrator. Do remember that the staff are volunteers, and have the same right to enjoy and play the game in the same capacity as any regular member of DW. In other words, if a staff member is battling you, thats all it is, playing the game, and not meant as a personal attack on yourself.

Staff obligations to players:

Staff are obligated to respond, and assist to the best of their ability, in any requests or complaints made known to them. All requests or complaints must be termed in an appropriate fashion, any request, or complaints that use the excessive use of profanity will be ignored, or dealt with in a manner which best befits the situation. You may contact staff in game by mailing them, at this time, that is the only avenue to report complaints or other issues between players. There may be other venues implemented in the future, and when/if those functions are implemented; all players will be notified of the changes through game news.

The breaking of any of these rules will result in the following.

Warning depending on the broken rule.

Fines for 5%, 10% and 25% of your gold depending on the rule broken.


CHAT and FORUM Rules:

- Do not beg for the bar in the chatroom or continually pass it from friend to friend. Bar tips are NOT a job or a main source of income.

- Do not beg for items/money in the chats.

- Do not recruit in chat or forums, take it to mail.

- The chat room is English spoken only, we expect you to keep it to that.

- No racist comments towards other citizens, even if it is a joke.

- Swearing allowed in moderation

- Sexually aided conversation is strictly forbidden

- Do not advertise other game sites in meeting rooms. Only OGN games can be discussed

- Do not give out other citizens account information or your own.

- Listen to staff if they tell you something.

- Do not flood the meeting rooms with the same post.

Capital letters are allowed IN MODERATION or to make remarks in a sentence. Continuos or excessive caps are forbidden

Do not disrespect staff members

- Newbie chat is for players 3 days and under, or people who have a genuine game question. Leave the answering of these to game helpers/staff, unless there are none around.

- Trading chat is for trading, not for general chatter or for questions.
- Please do not recruit in chat - take it to mail.

- Please do not trade in local meeting or newbie chat, take it to mail or trade chat (includes, posting "buying/selling this or that here" or "this is on the market!".)

-Do not fight with other players (this includes clan fights) in chat or forums. Take it to mail, and keep it clean.

- Do not use the public forums to taunt your enemies or to provoke other players. Good spirited rivalry is permitted; open hostility is not.

- Selling items among players for real money or cross trading with other games is strictly FORBIDDEN

These rules are for chat and forums only. Through mail it is allowed, except for the begging rule, that applies everywhere. In other words, NO BEGGING!

We greatly discourage personal information traveling through mail.

Sexually aided conversation is strictly against the rules, even in mail.

If you get any "funny, awkward, or disturbing" mail send it to staff right away please.


1.The forums are an information system.

2.Do not fight with or bully other players in the forums.

3.Do not post your personal status in the forums.

4. The chat Rules apply in the forums. This includes flooding the forums with posts about the same subject.

5.Admin has the responsibility over the forums and are obligated to erase any inappropriate content.(Please mail Admin if you find a post that is breaking the rules)

All people who post topics are to monitor their topics and report anyone who breaks a rule. Not doing so could result in you losing forum privileges and being fined yourself.

Webcam Usage:

- Clothing must be worn at all times, this goes for guys too.
- Provocative attire is not allowed by the ladies [eg. Spaghetti strap clothing, low cut tops]
- Clothing may not have offensive gestures, words, or slogans.
- Advertising of other non OGN games or other websites is forbidden and is a serious offense.
- Written or printed vulgaritie's on cam are forbidden.
- Offensive gestures on cam are forbidden.
- Don't use the webcams as a way to get a date, this is not a dating site.
- Although Flirting is Ok , Please be aware that there is a line that can be crossed easly, Please it keep it clean and harmless.
- Our younger players also can see the webcams, so be wise in what you do on cam.

*Note: Bans and Jail sentence range from 1 day and up - depending on the severity of the violation

Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy Dark Warriors!

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