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Subject: Chapter 1: Warrior's Land (RPG)
Just join in as the story goes along. Make sure when you first post, it's actually in relation to the current story. Please do not change the scene in the middle of the story. oh, and just continue on the post, don't make another bullet, it'll be less confusing that way. I suggest for the main characters that you use the characters you made in the post "Character Descriptions". You can still control minor characters though. Have fun

I'll start.

Ry sneaks out of the truck's cart, "Not a bad ride for a freeloader" ry said feeling quite proud of himself. "Now, where do I go to from here," he spotted a large city on the horizon and went on his way there. When he arrived, he saw a guard by the gate. He approached the guard, wary not to lower his guard, casually.

Time Posted: November 4 2008 08:12 pm EST
Last updated: August 11 2010 10:21 am EDT


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