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Subject: Westfall tavern, "Flames and Games"
Walking in, a rush of warn air flows past you out the door as you step into the towns tavern. "Flames and Games" they called it, and flames and games it seems, everyone having a good time, a roaring fire in hearths on either side of the room.

Above the hearths you see things like "Whodini, proposes to rea, Sunday 10th 2008" or" THE GIANTS WON" carved into the wood nearby" *Giants, that makes you wonder as you have never heard of giants before*

Looking around you notice more graffiti everywhere, People have carved there names in their chairs, and there is even a long list carved into a wall that reads:

To those who have gone, and will always be with us.
"In memory of DeusX a great man"*
"In memory of Gary Gygax, the great inspireror of his time"
"In memory of Rea, a good friend"
"In memory of Viktor Krull, Krull the mighty"
"In memory of Ron, jelly, kelly, doc, and many other names. *Doc Ron* a wise and annoyingly good friend."

Behind the counter you catch a flicker of moment and an unusually white eye with a hint of blue back glow is looking you over. "Hey, you look new around here, pull up a stool at the counter and I'll give you your first beer here in Westland on the house."

As you approach, you can tell the man is actually short compared to most, around 5 foot 4 inches you would guess if asked. Sitting on a tall stool he is leaning against a glass cabinet with bottles of alcohol, malts, and mead lining the inside.

Getting closer you see him swing his feet, where are garbed in a black leather with what looked like.... scales. letting his stool fall level on all fours he fluidly reaches under the tavern for a drink...

"Oh I forgot to ask, What do you like?"....

*Tavern Rules*
No swearing, no innappropriate stuff.
Donít be stealing drinks. Donít be breaking my furniture, You can carve your names in chairs, but thatís it.
Listen to Whatever I say, and whoever I feel like hiring to work in the tavern.

Current Employee's

Time Posted: October 23 2008 09:28 pm EDT
Last updated: January 3 2010 10:42 pm EST


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