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Subject: Some newb questions
Hello everyone.
Dunno how active it is here. But hopefully some people are still around 😀.
So I started playing not long ago and was wondering a few things...

I keep finding scraps of paper with number combinations on them. But donít know where to use them yet. Anyone knows?

Gloves, where do I find those?

Demon eggs, are they extremely rare? Because I canít seem to find them neither in the dark forest caves or trapping.

Where should I spend my energy? Currently spending it in the dark forest/rage castle.

Is there a way to get GC without buying it?

I guess thatís all I can think of right now lol.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice

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Time Posted: July 24 2020 04:47 am EDT
Last updated: July 24 2020 04:47 am EDT

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