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Subject: Time Keepers Guild Gown
Not sure if I have ever made a wish here, but doesn't hurt to ask anyway.

I do not ven, but I've always wanted a Time Keepers Guild Gown. I never was able to save up for one as I would always hold silly competitions to give out GC's and other resources to new players.

Before mostly leaving the game, I gave all I had to a beloved friend, whom passed away awhile ago, and they in turn had it all returned to me and I donated it on their behalf.

I suppose that in time cause I get a Pebble Island ticket each week, in a few years I would manage to save up for the gown.

But anyhow, that is my wish, is to own and proudly wear it.


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Time Posted: February 3 2020 05:08 am EST
Last updated: February 20 2020 07:16 am EST


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