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Subject: please work harder for gc
I am not a strong player. i can guaranty i have won a shitload of gc just for being active. with out much effort you can win gc in town fighting and secret passage. also torl fighting.

be present at the chat parties and work hard in jousting.

trade, you will win resourses from secret pasage and ore mining that are very valuable and can be trade for game credits.

Long ago we had nothing of this and I was one of the most active social justice Dark warriors around who fought and demanded all this things for noobs today.

even the poorest players have a decent chance to win.

Wanni is not one of the strongest players neither, and surely he wasnt when he started town fighting for orithia, but he is always been a very active one, look at him go and win every tournament. prety much every month.
back when i got to be champion we had a much harder competence and we killed in every town we had to work even harder to kill over 300k moors it was nightmarish but now we have an organized system that allows everyone to win for sure while still competing.

dunefell also lets you win prices if you arrange your stats the right way.

leveling is also a good way to go, by fighting in the rage castle you gain tons of exp and level supper fast and then you will win lots of plats in dark forest.

so in short. There are no longer any excuses to complain about being poor in the game when the game economy has changed to be so bountifull.

>HUgs. Edulahin.

Time Posted: November 30 2017 10:27 am EST
Last updated: December 14 2017 06:47 pm EST


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