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Subject: Mission - New Player!
So here is the deal:
No players=no game.
New active players=miracles can happen.

Here is my offer. Get me a new player. Either from the online player list or one of your friends who joins DW. I will give you 100 GCfor doing that.

Also lets help that player up and running. Together we can get one player up and running... and then the next one.. and the next one... and with 10 more active players the game would have a totally different face.

Lets set aside the issues with the game for the time being as we can address them after we get some active players.

Lets see if a new player can rise up?
What do you think? What are your two cents on the subject?

Time Posted: January 29 2016 11:47 am EST
Last updated: February 2 2016 02:46 pm EST


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