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Subject: FARMERS

We are a very intense and active clan with a long history of success in this game. If you join our clan, you will be taught everything you need to know about the game and more. Help is given every step of the way by all members of the clan.

We believe in:

* Hard work
* Teamwork
* Communication
* Helping one another to be their best
*Having fun

just some of the things to help makes us one of the best clans in DW

What We Offer:

* Free demon egg when joining the clan;
* Free healing:
* Access to Leif's Inn, with assistance to stay safe from the attacks of others;
* Access to a well stocked amoury;
* Clan University to train your luck and immunity stats;
* Free subscription/ultra to the game once you have completed your basic training;
* The gathered wisdom of current and former Great Hall members;
* Tips and tricks acquired over the years;
* Cheaper than normal potion shop;
* A fun, friendly atmosphere in which to explore the richness of the game

* Though says not accepting applications we always are, just send mail to :

witchy [931733]
ziggy [10]
ONION [211513]

Time Posted: December 3 2014 12:41 am EST
Last updated: November 14 2021 02:12 pm EST


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