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Subject: booom.... just in case it goes here
And Edulahin apears coughing

Cough cough, Dam you second hand telleport scroll..... !!...

Oh Hi ppl, this flash aprearence of my self is to tell you all how much I miss you (most of you a lot, and the rest a lot more) and to inform you that I-m still alive. (for those who care)...

wish you all the best of lucks and hope you all are still having lots of fun.

For those passing through bad times and need a friend to talk, mail me mates, I-m always here for you, and now im going to activate my notifications of mail so I log in just for you.

PS... BLooo.... Dont spam that unless you are having real problems... and not, not being able to find your *Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,
A tubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff.* is not a real problem, use the microscope am sure is there somewhere.

Special regards too>

Onion... Beer up mate, hope you are still kicking arses in the Kitchen.... do not toss knives at the souchef, just yell at him like Gordon does in hell-s kitchen.

Mim... if you are still being awesome the world is a better place.

Orithians... Keep going for it, we are freaking awesome.

Mama D and Ox... Keep spreading Love and moos all over the place and discipline with the wooden spoon.. i miss you a bunch.

And Mama Puura.... I know i have an Ultra hug for you some ware here... Oh is in my chest pocket... ULTRA HUG

Razzberry... are you still alive mate...? Good, keep doing that and go partying.

Those who were not mentioned..... ^^ I love you too but dont have much time,

Love you all guys take good ca

Another smoke bomb explodes and Edulahin is gone into the Real world again

Time Posted: April 25 2014 04:33 pm EDT
Last updated: April 25 2014 04:33 pm EDT

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