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Subject: Flowers for Shroom.
Edulahin sits at the docks and tosses three flowers at the sea.
@’-,---- @’-,---@ ’-,---
Don’t Make me that face! You know I used to give you flowers every time you came into chat.
I was away for valentines, my Bday was next day. And No, I didn’t do anything sexist on Valentine, I actually had a very quiet time with my family. My Bday was a blast, Vodka with friends, party, dancing with good looking strangers, … you don’t wanna hear about that .
Everyone is ok over here. I-m a married men now. Molly, she is a sweetie. Actually the reason why I keep my real life rascal adventure to the minimum in chats today. She is not the jealous type.. I think.. but I care for her a lot.
Onion is ok, he does not kill me as often but only cuz it would be a waste of elements, I’m a leveler now. Lot of people miss you and so do I.
The rest of the farmers are still kicking asses. I raid raider and severine and a few of them in the outpost but Squizzy take them back so is not very productive… yet pleasant for all of us …hahaha.
Fighting is fun.
Edulahin fills a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and puts it in a wooden toy boat. Then puts the boat in the quiet water of the harbor and push it into the sea
“There!.. Sink it and raid your treasure. “
Rest well.

Time Posted: February 21 2014 10:18 am EST
Last updated: February 21 2014 10:18 am EST

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