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Khazim Baklavha
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Subject: House Baklavha, part 1
The House Baklavha was one of the greatest of all, their inate magical powers made the difference versus all the other houses. They were feared and respected by all! No one even wanted to get in their until one day...

Terrifying black clouds invaded the sky all over the realm. They didn't seem to move, they didn'T even wanted to leave. The heavy rains started and lasts one day after the other.

After a week of this madness, grassy plains became horrable swamps, city sewers were empty of air and streets were flooded. No one knowed what to do to stop it. Religions taught the gods were pissed off, some taughts it was the apocalypse, but one thing was sure, if it wouldn't stop, the season harvest would be lost and more than half of the realm would die starving...

What will happen? YOu'll know tomorow!
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Time Posted: August 14 2013 09:58 pm EDT
Last updated: August 14 2013 09:58 pm EDT

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