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Subject: Short Vertion of the story
Hopefully this will clear up confution now

in order the story goes as this in short vertion, killer was one of liani triplets killer was cursed by the dark being killer was seperated by liani and was killed at the age of five then reincarnated and born in the southlands by another woman who wanted to take over the world, killer fought in the army and he had two little sister known as the rose sisters alana and alfine, the sisters where in love with there older brother and both vowed to marry killer but killer ignored there feelings for them because he met angel his one true love
while in battle against the eastern lands killer's mother betreyed killer and had struck him down because she feared his power and that he would be king of the southlands but he survived and his sisters took care of him and left the southlands to the westlands angel followed to, killer and angel loved one another very much years go by and killer fought many people and one day took revenge on his mother as he grew in power he first went to the depths of hell to attain such power but was tricked by his farther and was forced to be a decent which is actually a gaurdian of the hell's four gates, he met new friends but one was his older brother oblivion and omega which where both chained into the deepest parts of hell
someone had relesed them to get revenge on killers farther but killer intervend and killed oblivion ontop of the decent tower by fighting along side an old friend and had stuck him down with his blade and his partners blade where oblivion now rests for good then by his farthers saying killer was granted more power from his dad and left hell to kill oblivon for good
killer once more set to kill his mother in the southlands waging war against the entire contanent and did just that killing his mother and taking controll as the king of the southlands for years and he grew in more power and called him self the dark prince and created the dark thorne kingdom, latter on more fights broke out and killer had killed the last of the decent and became the king of the armageddion knights, his lust for power became to great for his self to controll and angel wanted to stop her boyfriend at the time so she endured hell and tried to fight against killer but killer had slain angel in a blinding rage, he did'nt even know who he was anymore, with angel's last dying breath she tells him everything he's done wrong, killer took all of his power and has healed her wounds and sealed her away before the chaos gods had come to slay reaper but liani had remembering her son sealed him away in her garden in a room for years as one of her sons was laid to bed struck with an illness, killer's immense power had surged threw that boys dreams and warped reality in the past thus creating tyrant zack and the good chaos, alfine and alana where sealed away as well for they would've tried to break killer away to freedom, but the seal was weakend as soon as zack relized at the end he was the one who killed his own friends and family that he was the the king of armygeddon, later after killer was set free the boys warped reality characters such as tyrant and zack and a few others where manefested into real beings
it was'nt clear yet that angel beign sealed up had created the seven beings taking characteristics of the seven deadly sins, and as killer fights threw them with the help of his alter egos manefested tyrant and zack he slays them, at the very moment thow when he faces the being known as Fear the one that created the sins and caused the manefestations killer loses
Fear creates the dark area in place of the southlands and (Fear is the girl with the swords for wings) continues to go in rage while she takes care of reaper, alana goes into a fit and fights against fear but losses he almost losing her head, killer wakes and relises that Fear is actually angel, back when he sealed her to protect her, he gave all his power to her so she could live but it took over, eventually killer snaped Fear out of it turning her back into the beautiful blonde known as angel she is still to this day the only one that is stronger than reaper for now, more years past and the twins alfine and alana trick killer and bare his children two each and the rest angel bore witch was three and the oldest is rosary, killer spent most his life building a huge academy ontop of the highest mountain above the clouds where only dragonkin, demon kin and a few exeptions are allowed to go to controll there power so they wont make the same mistakes he made and thats up to date

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