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Subject: Response
I appreciate you working on this aspect of the game. Fishing is a pretty central part of the game for a number of players, myself included.

I will need to try fishing over the next few days and try different approaches to work out if there is a better way. When I compare the fishing with this change to the fishing I was doing before here's what i found:

There are no instances of freezing and lost casts, which is a big plus. However, the overall speed is slower. Around the middle of this week i started experiencing a slow down of around 40% my previous fishing speed, other players had similar problems. This latest update slowed me down a further 20% off my speed. (% is approximate and based on amount of bait i use per hour). At this point fishing is 60% slower for me than it was last week at this time.

I'll post a further response after i continue testing this over a several day period.

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Time Posted: October 27 2012 08:48 am EDT
Last updated: October 29 2012 02:23 am EDT


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