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Subject: Fort knOx
We are The Little Clan That Could

We are a large group of active players that are here to have fun and help new players. And occasionally, we even kick some ass.

Here Is What We Offer

* Free Demon Egg to all new members.

*Free Subscription to all new players after 30 days in the clan.

* Free Warships and Fishing Support to all new members. (And we pay you extra to fish)

*We earn enough Clan Medals every month that we can take control of Cities as needed.

*We offer the largest selection of Clan Games within DW and also the Biggest Prizes. Where else can you play games like Pin the Tail on the Ox and learn about the DW in Ditto's Amazing Race

*We have one of the largest supplies of free Equipment in our Armory.

*We have a Potion Shop to help you boost your Stats.

*We have access to Lief's Inn with a full selection of Food and Drinks to help you in the game.

*We have a Siege Pit for immediate access to Demon Orbs.

* We have a Clan University to help players train their Luck and Immunity.

*We have one of the games largest selections of Guides in our Clan Forums.

*We have the oldest group of active players in the game. They may be getting a bit senile but our members still have decades worth of Knowledge that we can share with new players.

*We are one of the very few clans in the game that have NO GOLD TAX.

*We are one of the very few clans in the game that have an Open Door Policy. We don't make you apply to get in. Just go to our clan page and click Join.

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Time Posted: September 3 2012 01:24 pm EDT
Last updated: November 28 2013 04:27 am EST


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