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Subject: The Emerald Lust Palace
The Emerald Lust Palace

We are a very fun and active clan with a l o n g history of mediocre success in this game. WHEN you join our clan, you will be taught everything you need to know about the game and more. Help is given every step of the way by all members of the clan. If you have your own PayPal account, we can tell you how to be among the best DW Warriors in the Game!!!

What We Offer:

* Better colour graphics in our posts;

* A goody bag when you come in, including a Free Demon Egg and loads of prizes when joining the clan;

* Access to Leif's Inn, with assistance to stay safe from the attacks of others;

* Access to a well stocked Armoury - need a Leather Vest or a rusty Pick Axe?;

* Access to the FLAT-LINED PRICED, Potion Shop to help you boost your Stats - unlike the regular potion shop the price of these potions NEVER goes up!!! You tried the rest, now enjoy the best!;

* Access to the Siege Pit for immediate use of Demon Orbs to allow you to immediately take advantage of your demon's bad-assed demon skills!;

* Access to the Clan University to train your Luck and Immunity stats;

* Free 1 Month Subscription to the game once you have completed your basic training;

* The gathered wisdom of Current and Former Great Hall Members along with veterans with over 4 years of DW experience;

* Fun Games to occupy your time and help grow your character;

* Knox may have 'one of the game's largest selections of Guides in our Clan Forums' - I dare say, we have THE LARGEST selection of Guides in our Clan Forums, and probably the best!

* Tips and Tricks acquired over the years and some gained from other Clans;

* A fun, friendly atmosphere in which to explore the richness of the game!

* FREE HEALING from Wizard Ruben for five days for every 5 Noobies recruited!!!

* FREE PIES all day, every day! Just ask Manticore for yours today!

* FREE, UNLIMITED Bronze Pick Axes and Leather Vests! (Subject to availability....)

* Private Rooms for Ranked Members to do what you wish with who you please.


The Ugly, Meditating Pirate himself - Quietude!:

* more, WAY more, than we can tell you openly out here - we are called The Emerald LUST Palace for a reason...

Come and visit The Emerald Lust Palace and meet one of the all-time best Game Bloggers - Someone who REALLY knows the game- TheHoneyBadger!!!!


And if you don't, well, TheHoneyBadger don't care!

Time Posted: August 30 2012 06:21 pm EDT
Last updated: September 3 2014 02:11 pm EDT


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