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Subject: Major Update : Dunfell Stables
We have a new Stable opened up in Ordin for you train up your own stallion.

Each reset you get turns for your stallion which you can use either in the district or by training your horse.

Training your horse will increase the amounts of each stat found in the district:

Training Magic increases the amounts found of Wisdom
Training Attack increases the amounts found of Strength
Training Shield increases the amounts found of Defense
Training speed increases the amounts found of Agility

Training once costs 1 turn.

You also gain experience as you travel around the district. When you gain a new level you will get +1 maximum turn and +1 confidence. The higher your confidence the more chance of not falling off when in district mode.

If you fall from your horse while in the district then all of your stored stats will be lost from your stallion and you will lose 1 turn. You can claim your stored stats at any time which costs 1 turn.

Turns are replenished at reset and 10 more turns can be bought at any time for 50 GC.

The start-out maximum level is 5 but can be increased using elements. 2 elements gives +1 max level and +1 max confidence.

Hope you enjoy it


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Time Posted: June 3 2012 01:02 am EDT
Last updated: February 28 2016 12:54 am EST


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