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Subject: Marius
Darkness covered the land. Wind shook the trees, making the sound of all that had lost their lives in the dark, evil wood. Snow blanketed the ground, showing up wolf prints. Owls hooted, and wolves howled. The crisp sound of footsteps could be heard in the silence. A lone figure walked across the night. His hooded cloak hung raggedly around his broad shoulders, Dark hair falling over his face. He clinked as he walked, the moonlight shining off his chainmail and steel boots. It has been years since he walked this ground. He cursed as a bramble caught his hand, drawing blood. As he looked at his scarred, battle beaten hand, he smiled. It was good to feel pain other than the one he was already facing. The man looks up to the dark sky and laughs.
“Hello Westland. Daddy is home.”

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Time Posted: April 16 2012 10:09 am EDT
Last updated: April 16 2012 10:09 am EDT

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