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Subject: the return
Robskill has set his feet on the ground of the westlands and notices things have changed a fare bit since he was last in the lands.
Robskill previously has been around the world seeking for the answer... The answer to what you may say?
He was looking for the answer why everything he touches or someone he cares about, falls apart. His Mother has always been there for him.
Drake he is now part of Robskill, Drake is an other personality from Robskill. The one who wants everything in his fingertips. Rob has daughters but they left him because the lost something in him as their Farther...

Robskill hope he finds love once more but, he knows if it finds him. It will be destroyed by something........

Time Posted: March 2 2012 04:24 am EST
Last updated: March 2 2012 07:42 pm EST


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