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Subject: Killer Reaper's Story
finnally i think i have fount a way to tell you all in the shortest way possible i can think of for an explantion for the time jumps in my rp's and why they all conecct and why so many characters die and come back to life

Begining: killer's real name was tempest, back when he was human, when killer was a human his lover angel always hung around him. killer back then wanted to become the strongest to prove to his mother and be just like her...the nether lands strongest fighter. one day killer got that chance there was a war between the nether lands and the southern lands killer was 18 and had joined the war for his homeland his mother leading the troops and he was following her. killer had slain the entire southern lands army single handed. his weapon was his fathers sythe called skull bound, killer's power back then was magic of elements but he prefered blade then magic. when killer slain the southern lands army his mother saw how powerful he had become and her jelousy for her title got the best of her when the nether lands soldier left the battle grounds killer and his mother stayed behind killer's mother Rose...killed him so that she would keep her title, killer lover was a witness and was slain the next day. for killer's ability in battle angels known as arch angels welcomed him and his lover to there ranks but there memorys where wiped clean.
pic of killer's mother

killer reaper wonders aimlessly like a lost puppy in a dark abyss known as the underworld serching for someone long ago...searching for memories of the past from when he was trapt by the graywinds and seperated and reborn into three dragon humon like demons known as chaos tyrant and zack, his three personalities. killer was once the ruller of the underworld and the dark abyss islands and had set demons he called decents to destroy hell but found them selfs locked away by king graywind so he set his knights of armygeddon the strongest of his creations to conquer all of the westlands but they fell at the hands of the archangels.. months later killer had taken upon himself to kill all of the archangels in a blood bath all of them against him...weakened and beaten by only 5 of them left killer had no choice but to run, once he had found a place to hide and sleep killer was captured by queen graywind and locked under the garden, killer to weak to finish what he started he relized that the queen was pregnent and was going to have triplets, killer taking this to his advantage while being locked by seals dsigned for him to be put out for good used the rest of his powers to kill one of the kids in her and create a puppet who would later relive killer's experiences. killer's power so great while even locked away had manipulated the young boy at birth and caused a time lapse the boy was born to die he was condoned to bed rest for his entire life in the queen's castle all of the rps you have witnessed where merly dreams killer was manipulating him and soon after when it was time when killer would be set free again he caused the dreams to come true and the boy died thuse giving birth to a new hkind of hell, the beings of the past manifested into real being but only phantoms of the beings killer had been with he used them as puppets like the boy and freed himself from the garden and since then killer has been free and still hiding in his underworld waiting....waiting for another time lapse to go and relive his witness the boys nightmares as him being killer to see the boy struggle and tarnish killer's name as a hero and a villian
now alana and alfine they have been dead, they where killer's sisters the rose sisters are his two little sisters. they served as his wifes and as his two top soldiers, however killer had slain them to absorb there power and because if he had'nt then the arch angels would have destroyed his land and his underworld witch he ruled, killer was originally an arch angel he and his sisters but he betreyed them so that he would not be ruled by them. he wanted to rule his own people and everything, when his wings where ripped and he was sent to the dark abyss killer's sister vowed to protect him and serve as his wifes and bear his children who later became the decents so that he would not be alone and that his wish would be granted. killer regrets killing his sisters and putting the boy threw hell with a fake life of manefested dreams. so he vowes to make it up to them in honor of his children his knights of armygeddon and his sisters that he will kill the arch angels. but first killer must find away to reserect his sisters, but the only way to do that is to give up his true love, however killer has multiple true loves his first was am arch angel he had known since birth who later became one of the sins he had to kill to regain his power she had became fear a force stronger then him and who controled him toyed with him for traping her but killer trapt her so the angels could not kill her because she was seceretly helping him. and the other two his sisters of course. killer had a complicated life and wants to fix it but also wants his dream a reality,

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