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Subject: Awesermeus
Awesermeus was an average roman warrior, just like the rest except a lot more awesome.The god Ares was jealous of his awesomeness so he murdered exactly twelve villagers and managed to put the blame on Awesermeus.Awesermeus was sentenced to death, but a wise old man, whom every one listened to, thought otherwise.The old man told Awesermeus to slay the beast that was terrorizing the fisherman down at the lake, he said this deed would make up for his crime.Every one agreed that it would make up for what he did so they sent him off towards the lake. Awesermeus packed his sword and headed down to the lake.As he was leaving the old man stopped him to warn him about the beast in which he must slay.The creature that Awesermeus was to kill was the son of the great king Midas.Midas was a king that had been granted the power to turn any thing that he touched into gold. After midas had been granted this power he secretly had a child.The child's name was Shinamian.Shinamian's mother was the goddess Enyo (The only reason she didn't turn to gold is because she's a god.)Enyo caused great bloodshed, she taught Shinamian her evil ways. He attempted to destroy mount Olympus, but failed horribly. Zeus changed Shinamian into a fearsome monster to punish him.Now shinamian just wanders around Rome destroying towns and villages. Awesermeus nearly peed himself when he heard what he was up against.The old man said that as long as he didn't touch Shinamian he would be fine.That made Awesermeus feel a little better.It would take about six hours to get to the lake on horse back, unfortunately Awesermeus had his horse taken away when he was accused of murder.It would take all day to walk, he didn't want to waste daylight so he set out with his sword.He had walked for about three hours when he saw some people mugging a cyclops.Awesermeus thought he could just sneak around them and they wouldn't bother him.Although his plan of sneaking away was working great, Awesermeus thought the cyclops was pretty sad and helpless.After a few seconds of thinking it over Awesermeus decided to help the cyclops.As he charged the two muggers he thought "i hope this doesn't hurt".The first guy was short and round so he just kicked him and he rolled out of the way, but the second guy was tall and buff.Awesermeus sliced and slashed the man with his sword, but surprisingly the man was fast.The buff man punched Awesermeus in gut and Awesermeus started to think "dang it, this did hur-",but before he could even finish his thought the man knocked him in his temple and Awesermeus flew fifteen feet side ways.By now the little round man had gotten up and was coming at Awesermeus with a dagger and just like before he kicked him away.Awesermeus went in to try and hit the buff guy about three more times and just as he was about to go in for a fourth he had an idea.When the little round man came at him again instead of kicking him away like usual, he picked him up and threw him at the buff man.The buff man caught his partner in crime and when his hands were busy carrying the little man, Awesermeus banged the buff man on the head with the hilt of his sword, rendering him unconscious.Then he did the same to the little man.The cyclops thanked him and told him that his father, Poseidon, owes him.Awesermeus told the cyclops to tell his father to kill Shinamian for him,but the cyclops said that was out of his father's powers.Bummed from not gaining much from saving the cyclops Awesermeus started towards the lake yet again,"maybe I can use that favor Poseidon owes me later on" he thought.


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Time Posted: February 2 2012 04:25 pm EST
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