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From what I've seen of it, it works really well. Looks very appealing and well-presented, and it's fun to be able to draw it out even when putting in very low amounts of GC. Worked alright even with my ghetto connection, just have to wait an hour for it to load first. Will have to test it more in depth when I can use it properly.

A bit of nitpicking on my part, though you're not to blame for this. I don't have much experience with slots like these, and it didn't really ease me into it as well as I'd like - like with the other GC Slots, where it described the winning lines and what you would win per symbol - so I found myself slightly lost, just betting the preset bet and hoping for the best. If someone who is more familiar with them mind posting a little something to help people like myself getting the hang of this easier, that would be swell. Just my thoughts.

Can't wait to see the other selection of slots released. Nice work.

Time Posted: December 9 2011 09:07 am EST
Last updated: December 9 2011 06:46 pm EST


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