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Subject: the beggining
the birth of the assasians [white] many think the assasians where a group of people who where paid to kill other people well if you think this you are wrong for they are much more the assasians where a group of people who where for peace lead by the peacekeeper the assasians had a different logic then we do they believed all lives to be equal and if one took away more lives then they where worth they were to be killed and this is where the assasian part comes in...... and this is a story of one assasian who discovered something that changed the world. The Beggining it all started when the world began.. man kind had a luster for power for gold for riches. They had fought each other and slaughtered one another. And this had gone on for so long that some would say "it was all they knew how to do" It had gotten so bad the gods decided it had to end. So they sent a boy to the world. A boy that would change everyhing. comment if you think i should finish this story! and dont forgest to leave - karma

Time Posted: November 16 2011 05:25 pm EST
Last updated: November 16 2011 05:25 pm EST

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