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Subject: Major Update : Dwellings
The new dwellings have arrived! You can find them in Kratos along with Gregorys new furniture store. Your dwelling can be stocked up with tons of booster items. All of which have a net worth and most of them have an extra perk attached.

Your net worth adds up to create your total, this total can be claimed every revive as long as you login and claim it (YAY, no more stones!) by clicking the C link. Please note: if you change your set up at any time your net worth timer is reset to stop abuse.

You can purchase more floors and item spots from the GC shop as well as some extra special items. You can also change the position of your purchased items using the X and Y fields.

All old dwellings have been refunded.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Time Posted: September 14 2011 07:38 am EDT
Last updated: April 2 2012 07:39 pm EDT


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