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Subject: The Dead Forest
Three years ago, a small section of the Dark Forest got infected with a plague. The creator of the plague lived in a small castle in Orithia.

The plague killed all sorts of live and polluted the only sorce of water: a small lake that had been purified by the Magician's Order. The plague was powerful enough to bypass the purification and pollute the water anyways, making it into a bubbly, black, sticky substance. Completely unhealthy.

Sedereck, who lived in that certain part of the forest, lost his mother and father to the plague, but was unaffected by it because of his demonic blood. He found revenge, killing the plague maker 3 years later.

Sedereck still visits his cabin in the now-called Dead Forest. Here is a picture of the forest:

and the small cabin:

This cabin is welcome to everyone, and is reknown as "Sedereck's Cabin". Inside is some enchanted food that won't go bad, all sorts of medical supplies and most importantly, steel swords and oak bows with steel-headed arrows.


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Time Posted: August 11 2011 01:44 pm EDT
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