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Subject: Mia Edrine Josian
Name: Mia Edrine Josian
Birth place: Wathoren Thara
Age: 14
Age as appearance: 15 – 16

Hair colour: Light brown
Hair length: long and straight

Height: 4 ft 5
Wight: 85lb

Eye colour: dark brown

Personality: Mia is loving person, who you will adore, she loves to have attention of others and be recognised.
In stressful times she cam be very calm and doesn’t over react to things.
She can be very happy at times, but when she is down she can be feisty and bite your head off if irritated.
Mia can trust, but when she meets you she can be weary at first.
She can have dark humour at times, and can be bubble and enjoys climbing trees.

Mia’s History:

Mia is 14 years old, she has currently been looking for her biological farther for 170 years, as her father is King Robskill, and her mother was Julipa Josian. When Julipa was dying she was pregnant with Mia, before she was born Robskill left because he didn’t want to see his true love die.

Mia was born a human and vampire hybrid and which she got from her father, she has built up her agility skills such as climbing trees and moving around silently. She is stronger than other humans, Mia doesn’t know what she is but she is grateful to have these abilities.

Through her travels she met a young man called Tia and he taught her how to use combat as she is so young and on her own she needed to defend her self, she learned the art of demon hunting and was able to catch her own demon jaguar, she called her demon jaguar Tasa.

Ever since she left Tia and she knew the full understanding of combat, and she still looks for her father, and she enters the Westland, through the forest.

Whats happening now:

Mia's body is starting to change as the mixture of Vampire and human genetics, are evolving and changing as sooner or later she will need to drink small quantites of blood.

She is oblivios of what is happening to her body and she is in so much pain.

Time Posted: June 8 2011 06:40 pm EDT
Last updated: June 12 2011 12:08 pm EDT


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