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Subject: The Festival
Through the towns and cities of Westland, Arelian and Westland soldiers walked side by side. They had a common mission: To proclaim of the festival that was to come. They put up posters on the sides of buildings, on trees, on tavern doors, anywhere they could stick a nail.

(In the event that's too small to be read, or the script is too...foppish, here's what it says)
The celebrate the new found peace between the nations of The Westlands and The Arelian Empire a festival is to be held! The Lord Emissary, Lord Fintan de Marin, has graciously allowed his home and grounds to be used for this, that our people need not make the long journey to the Gurie Provence in Arelia. All shall be Welcomed during the Festival of Peace, and none turned away for any prejudice reason. It shall be held for five days.
All Steel, if worn, is to be peacetied. The Westland Guard and Arelian Royal Musketeers shall enforce this. Though duels may take place through sportsmanship, the Weapons will be provided. Bows are to be unstrung without Arrows, and Magickal Items to be made powertrapped by the Lady Gealech Ravenblood. It is the hopes of both Royal Familes to see many People there.

Avalon protect You
Fintan de Marin
Captain of the Arelian Musketeers

Be strong Warriors
Sir Eloric
Captain of the Westland Guard

(Now for translation For the next Five days, from tomorrow [5-19-2011] Until next Tuesday [5-23-2011] I will be holding a final RP that ALL RPers are more than welcome to join. You are also welcome to use any and all of your characters...though I do ask you keep it below seven for those of you with a whole lot . None of the characters will be allowed to snob another, this is to fix problems between the countries even if the character is not necessarily a native/citizen of one of the two. Fights will be allowed as formal sportsmanship duels, with blunted training weapons. anyone to draw blood will In Character be escorted by one of the two military factions off of the grounds and Out Of Character may be ignored by other players.
And for those of you who know about it, the enchantments that hides Fintan's home will be lifted and his home visible and accessible...but I'm sure that was obvious
Also, not expected but would be appreciated, if the following could pop in to RP chat at their availability, Fintan has personal invitations to extend to your character.


They will be personal because either your character left a very good impression on a arrogant highwayman or I haven't RPed with you in ages and would love to.

So, hope to see you all in chat.
Rogue @}-,--

Time Posted: May 18 2011 11:55 am EDT
Last updated: May 18 2011 11:19 pm EDT


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