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Subject: The Phoenix Inn
Description in the eyes of a traveler.
The traveler walked down the forest path, tired and hungry. He had been walking for days. In the distance, he saw smoke rising from a chimney. Feeling a burst of energy he knew it was a tavern where he could rest. He forced himself to trudge onward. When ariving out of the forest he saw the Inn. A modest two level building made of alabaster and wooden framing. A sign stuck out of it's side. An orange red phoenix with a scroll under it stating the name: The Phoenix Inn. The windows were aglow from the candle light. A man rode behind the Inn on a giant black horse, and returned moments later from obvious stables.

" this a safe Inn, that kind?" He asked the oddly dressed man who replied with a strong accent as he removed his cavalier hat.

"The Phoenix Inn takes all kinds, Royalists or Roundheads, Humans or Undeads. All are welcomed within her walls." The man opened the door. "After you, Master Traveler." and bowed. The traveler walked in to the Inn and felt the rush of warm air. The first thing he saw was the bar. fixed just infront of the door so that the keep may see everyone who comes in. Behind the bar were shelves which held glass goblets, pewter mugs and wooden cups. While making his waye his way further in to a table he noticed that the Inn was giving off a strange magical feeling of warmth and rejuvenation

"Sir...what is this feeling?" He asked the man in velvet.

"Tis the Phoenix's blessing. Tis rumored sir, that the mortar of this Inn was mixed with the ashes of a phoenix after it's first molting. It gives off a comforting warmth and aids in restoring a youthful energy. So be at ease, and rest yourself!" The man then vanished over to a table close to the bar and began chatting up the barmaid.

The traveler smiled and sat down. An alewench brought him a mug of ale. But he was distracted by the painting above the large fireplace. A ancient phoenix rising out of molten rock with flames licking at it while it started it's new life. He picked up the ale and took a swig. Though it was cold, it gave a warming feeling. Puzzled he caught the woman who brought it to him as she passed by him again. "What is this?"

"Ti's the house brew Mi'lord. Fire Ale." And went on. He was soon brought his dinner. After eating, and resting a while, he went up to the room he had been granted for the night. After waking up the stairs he saw the common room. A young man was sitting in an armchair and staring in to the fire, a slightly annoyed look on his face as if someone was bothering him, and he was trying to ignore the person. He walked through the common room to the hall and entered his room. The room was as warm as the rest of the Inn. The moon shined through the window, creating a shadow as he crossed the floor to his bed. He laid down and settled in to a peaceful night. He was grateful that he had come across The Phoenix Inn


The Outside of the Inn

The sign

The Painting above the hearth

The ale wench, Wendy (un owned NPC)

The Inn Keeper, George (Un owned NPC)

And last but not least: The Layout

I hope everyone has fun with it now that it finally has an identity. And once more, a HUGE thank you to everyone who gave me their ideas and such for it. It was a big help.

Time Posted: April 24 2011 01:29 pm EDT
Last updated: June 10 2011 10:00 pm EDT


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