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Subject: Major Update : First Turn
The scripting for who attacks first has been changed and luck and level has been introduced to make it a much more challenging system.

For you boffins who like to muggle over the exact equations for how the first turn is devised I have listed it for your enjoyment below.

DiceA = Random number between 1 and attackers level
AttackerScore = DiceA + attacker agility + (attacker luck / 5)

DiceB = Random number between 1 and defender level
DefenderScore = DiceB + defender agility + (defender luck / 5)

If AttackerScore is greater than DefenderScore then Attacker will take the first turn. Otherwise Defender will take the first turn.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Time Posted: December 22 2010 10:36 pm EST
Last updated: July 20 2014 04:12 am EDT


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