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Subject: Prophecy Fufilled
(I'll add to this as time goes on until it's complete)

The trip home had not gone as expected. Rather than enjoying the Festival of the Summer’s Calling everyone was met with opposition and warrants for death. Knowing war would only bring destruction the Order of the Rose carried out an exodus from Ireland in to the World of the Veil, but it would not last. The creatures grew angered, and felt betrayed by their protectors. When no one was looking they slipped back through the Veil one week after the Summer’s beginning when the Veil was at it’s thinnest. This inturn allowed a darker magic to seep through and add fuel to one man’s hate. This was a magic that already taken host within Fintan de Marin. It is not natural for one to want to know how to kill quickly, not even for a soldier, nor is it natural to want to know the poisons that stop a man’s heart before it can beat again. But this is precisely what Fintan learned during his youth, now the one he trusted had betrayed him as she had betrayed all she met.

“Fintan” Bron the elf, one that had found affection in his heart for Fintan’s daughter Kila, stopped on the trail he, Fintan, and other elves were walking down. “Look over there, is that what it looks like?”

A large creature was lumbering through the forest path. It’s black fur covered it entirely, a feline like face had horns protruding from it’s forehead. The creature looked like a misshapen bear all in all.

“Yes it is” Fintan looked at it in surprise “I thought they were hunted to extinction?”

“They were” Chimed in another elf.

“Then what the Infean is that bugbear doing here?!”

No one answered as no one knew. The bugbear snorted as it sniffed the ground and walked around, staying on the path. Everyone of the party backed away slowly as it lumbered towards them, even though it was not doing so aggressively, which was odd for this sort of creature that was known for killing even if not hungry. Suddenly it looked up at the small group of seven and snorted with it’s head low and made its way closer.

“Oh shhhhh” Fintan drew his sword and adjusted his buckler on to his left fist as his flash spears still were nonfunctional. The elves backed away and drew arrows on to their bows, keeping them aimed at its head. However the bugbear did not seem as if it were about to attack. It walked up beside Fintan and stood beside him. The large bear-cat creature was up to the highwayman’s chest even on all fours, thus making Fintan nervous and wonder why he had not already killed it. The bugbear let out a low affectionate growl and nudged the rogue’s side with it’s large head, making Fintan stumble slightly.

“I think it’s drunk” muttered an elf that was trying not to laugh at the scene he was watching.

The bugbear let out another low growl and tried to push Fintan forward, or rather, Fintan tried not to be pushed forward.

“I think it may be on our side” The highwayman said as he slowly went to pet the bugbear, who gladly allowed it. Everyone looked at Fintan as if he had lost his mind when he said that. “I don’t get it either, by all accounts we should be dead by now. Think me as crazy as you want, but this bugbear wants to help us I think.”

“Well. . . . If he kills anyone but an Englishman, I’m blaming you for it Fintan”

The bugbear let out a happy roar and ran ahead trying to lead the way. Fintan shrugged and followed, running as fast as he could to keep up with the shockingly fast creature. As they ran Fintan noticed they were nearing the clearing where the festival had been held. The entire place was filled with elves, pixies, fairies, leprechauns, and other creatures of the hidden realm.

“What the hell is this?!” Bron exclaimed looking confused.

“War!!! We won’t sit by and let our land be condemned by some idiot with a pointy hat in a different country who is “infallible“ ” Piped up a small humanoid creature with rods sparking electricity in a quiver on his back

“What the knocker means to say.” Stated a redcap as his fangs dripped with blood “Is we have had enough and will fight for our land ourselves. If the order will not help then we will die alone.”

Fintan sighed. “Then we all die.”

An old man cleared his throat and spoke “We are already dead if we must hide” There was a murmur of agreement

There was a long silence.

“We can’t take England alone” Fintan sighed. “We could go to Scotland though, I doubt they would say no.”

Bron shifted his weight from left to right. “The Scotts that came to warn us are up in the Kilarny Mountains. Shall we ride there?”

“Why now. . .” Fihtan put his sword belt back around him, and adjusted his daggers for quicker draw, to let them take the place of his useless flash spears. Anyone who could mount a horse did so, and the ones that could not hung on to those that could. The small party of about 200 then made its way south towards the Mountains. Despite the severity of the situation, Fintan took this time to enjoy the scenery. It had been years since he was able to walk though the woods and fields of Ireland. Every thing was greener than he remembered, the singing Larks sounded sweeter, the tree’s gave more shade, the English archers were. . .!

“AMBUSH!!!!” Fintan drew his sword to ready for a fight, but it was too late, English archers fired two devastating volleys on both sides of the path. Scores of riders fell to the volleys before Elven archers could find and fire at the English.

“BRON. . . GET THE UNARM. . .” Fintan was cut off when an arrow shot at close range pierced his chain mail, and right side going straight through him. With out a word Fintan fell off his horse. Bron yelled out and rushed over to him. The English fired another volley, three arrows caught the elf in the side and legs. Bron fell beside Fintan and struggled to get them both up. As they stumbled to their feet, another volley was fired. Two arrows caught Rogue in the chest again, and one barely missed Bron’s heart. Two Sprites with shields ran over and covered the two, while another two ran over and helped them up and moved with them away from the battle.

Fintan was able to look over at the battle. A boucan managed to take its monstrous form and tear in to an archer’s chest despite being hacked at by three others. Dozens of Fairies were stabbing at the soldiers like a cloud of mosquitoes, which is exactly what the soldiers treated them as. The Fairries were swatted away and crushed like mere bugs as the boucan fell dead. Fintan soon fell unconscious.

Bron did his best to help the sprites get Fintan to the Gateway of the Veil. When they arrived, soldiers were hacking at it with axes, trying to destroy it. The Sprites picked Bron and Fintan up and charged though, throwing the two through the Gateway before being cut down on sight.

A trapper was wandering through the woods at the time of Bron’s and Fintan’s arrival. Startled he approached them both. When the man noticed the wounds he wasted no time in putting both of the unconscious on his horse and taking them to the nearest tavern, The Lute and Swords in the city of Eroyina. Days passed and neither awoke, until one evening Fintan’s eyes opened.

“what. . . Where. . .”
“You took some nasty wounds. You’re in the Lute and Swords Tavern in Eroyina Westland.” The trapper replied, he had been at Rogue’s bedside for days now. Fintan said nothing else before slipping back to unconsciousness.
“What’s this then. . .” The Trapper pulled a golden madalion off of Fintan’s chest gently. It had a Gryphon bearing a sword on one half, and a Dragon bearing a sword on the other. Fintan’s way of saying he was bodyguard to the Queen of Dragons, and a soldier of the King of Gryphons, though the trapper didn’t know this, no one could have as Fintan told no one about it.
“Maybe someone at the other tavern’ll know what it means. . . It looks important.” with that he stood and walked out towards the Inn located on the

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